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We also have a chemical workspace for heavy liquid separation and Frantz magnetic separation. D., Brunel, M., and Mulch, A., 2017, Infiltration of meteoric water in the South Tibetan Detachment (Mount Everest, Himalaya): When and why?

The sample preparation facilities include a series of microscopes to allow the inspection of mineral separates, sample picking, and loading of the irradiation packets.

While some samples require greater attention and manual supervision, routine samples can be run in large batches entirely under computer control.

We commit to investments in both, to create a community in which difference is valued, where each individual’s identity and contributions are treated with respect, and where differences lead to a strengthened identity for all.The lab facility contains a mass spectrometer, flame photometer, mica separation table, furnaces, and clay mineral separation equipment.This K/Ar apparatus was originally built in the early 1970's and has been updated with a microcomputer controlled MS-10 mass spectrometer.Selected minerals are irradiated offsite to produce 39Ar from 39K (as a proxy for radioactive 40K).Samples are co-irradiated with monitor standards to define the "J-value", used for age calculations.

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